Ultimate Fighting Championship | Game Boy Color

UFC was developed by Fluid Studios in Sheffield.  I created all the pixel graphics for this particular game in DPaint.  It was a was a conversion from the Playstation (PS1) product.  UFC for the Game Boy Color was a very simple game consisting of a background, along with fixed-frame animations for the fighters.  All fighter moves were captured from the PS1 prototype as video and then redrawn to create the game sprites.  This base animation set was then used to create all the fighter variations for the game.  The game was programmed by Nigel Speight.

The biggest thing that sticks in my mind about this game, was the original UFC video that the publisher sent over to us for reference.  I think it must have been very early tournament footage, because it was literally no-holds-barred fighting between different martial arts.  It was extremely violent, lots of blood – teeth being kicked out.  Nasty stuff really.  Of course, the video games didn’t feature any of that gore – but you had to question whether the license was entirely suitable for Game Boy Color at that time.

Ultimate Fighting Championship GBC

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