Men in Black 2 | Game Boy Color

Men in Black 2 for Game Boy Color was developed by David A Palmer Productions in Sheffield.  The game was based on the cartoon series, not the movie.  I worked on this game with my current business partner Matthew Hopwood.  Mat handled all the coding while I created all the pixel artwork.  Having spent the previous year working with Mat on some advanced 3D prototypes, I found returning to pixel art creation quite tough going – it’s fiddly work 🙂

The game art was created 100% in DPaint with no game editor.  The levels were drawn as large images, with all the palette boundaries drawn in place.  These maps were then optimised down to create the game data.  Collision and sprite placement data was also dawn into graphically into backgrounds.  As one stray pixel could cause an error in the art convertor, it made creating the artwork quite precarious.

Nevertheless I was happy with how the levels came out.  The main character animates okay (considering sprite animations are not my speciality!) and the game received some decent reviews.

Men in Black 2

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