Taz-Mania | Game Boy

Taz-Mania was created by PAL Developments in Sheffield, largely by the same team that worked on Speedy Gonzales for the Game Boy.  It was the second game I ever worked on (in 1993) but the first game for which I provided most of the graphics.  Of course, everything was pixel based back then – the graphics were created in DPaint and the mapping was done using the in-house mapping software.

I remember this game was quite a tough one to do, as there was a lot of work invoved in a fairly tight time-frame.  I also did most of the sprites for the game, which I guess were passable (at the time).  The main character and the larger boss sprites were handled by our sprite-supremo Wayne Dalton.  Which is a good job really, as my original Taz sprite looked like Nookie Bear.  The game was designed and programmed by Nigel Speight and released in 1994.


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