Motorhome in Modern Architecture

This was a brochure cover created for KAL Group.  I was given an image of the vehicle and was briefed to produce something that contained modern british architecture.

As matching vehicle and environment perspectives using only photographic resources can be a bit tricky, I decided to create the foreground for this image using 3D rendered imagery.  I also decided to have the vehicle in motion for this image, largely because the van itself is quite sporty looking.

I learned a couple of things while producing this image.  Firstly, creating spinning wheel effects isn’t as straightforward as it first seems!  The trick is to stretch the wheel onto a circular template, apply motion radial blur (spin), then squash it accurately back to match the scene.  That’s something I will document on this site, along with the procedure for creating those floor reflections.

The second thing I learned really relates to photography.  When taking photos for use in your images, you have to be really mindful of the reflections – especially with something like a vehicle.  If care is taken to minimuse unwanted reflections at the photographic stage, it will save a considerable amount of time at the Photoshopping stage!

Additionally, I think it’s probably good practice to use a polarising filter to cut down on unwanted bodywork / window reflections.  Finally, it might pay to shoot a few photos of the object from way down at ground level.  Doing this will make creating floor reflection images much easier when the time comes.

Motorhome in Modern Architecture

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