2020 Update

Okay, so it’s been 4 years since I wrote a blog entry on my website. FOUR YEARS. I’m surprised to see that my crusty old site has retained a steady flow of visitors. Like me, it’s started to show it’s age. And I apologise for this tiny font – the WordPress theme explodes if I try to change it. According to Google Analytics, the most visited pages are the long-obsolete TIPS & TUTORIALS. In 2020, it seems people are still trying to work out how to add a rule-of-thirds grid... Read The Rest →

3D Pool Update

I’ve had a few inquiries asking how my 3D Pool game is going. So, I thought I’d put together a brief update. At time of writing, I haven’t done any work on the engine for around 6 months. I’ve been working on other projects – some computer related, some photography related – so unfortunately it’s now been relegated to ‘back burner’ status (along with a bunch of other Unity stuff I was working on). I decided to dig out the 3D Pool source code over the weekend to see what... Read The Rest →

Unity5 Upgrade: One step forward, twenty steps back…

Back to Unity5! Well, it’s been a few months since I did any development work. I had to get out there and earn some cash to fund my game development work. I was contracted to create the artwork for a match-3 video game (“Dr Popper”). I did some data management for a large corporation. And, as a bit of a change, did some commercial gardening! Which certainly beat sitting behind a desk for 8 hours. Back when I made my last Unity related post, I had decided to migrate my... Read The Rest →

Reskinning A Game

Flaming June ..and it’s flaming cold, again. Don’t you just love the weather in the UK! 🙂 I haven’t had chance to update my blog lately – things have been a bit chaotic for me both at home and at work. I’ve had to put my Unity 3D Pool game on hold in order to raise some much needed funds. For the first time in 23 years I’ve been doing proper job – one that (sadly) doesn’t involve the creation of spaceships. I’ve been working for a company called Pearson... Read The Rest →

3D Pool Dev Blog: Passive Cue Collision

The Problem As you might have gathered from this blog, I’m currently part way through learning Unity SDK in order to code my own games. I decided to program a 3D Pool game in order to learn the system. I have decided to keep a bit of a Dev Blog here, as it may be of use to other people. It’s worth noting that there are 1000 ways to skin a cat in Unity – and I’m sure an experienced programmer would likely take a different approach to something like... Read The Rest →

Trello.com – A Great Way to Organise your Unity 3D Projects

Losing Track of your Dev Tasks? This Might Help! Back in the days when we used to develop big budget products for publishing houses, our primary method for distributing project tasks, bugs lists and information was… you guessed it, Excel Spreadsheets. We used them for absolutely everything. And actually, they did a great job. You can cram a lot of information into a tabbed spreadsheet. I still use them for organizing data for games, along with project budgeting and scheduling. And it goes without saying, for crunching those all important... Read The Rest →

Unity 5 Physics Update – Will it Break your Game?

Here’s my Experience. At the start of the month, Unity announced that the latest version of their SDK would feature considerable upgrades to both the rendering engine and physics. The new version of Unity now features Nvidia’s PhysX 3.3 engine. The new engine is faster and more accurate than ever before. Check out this Gang Beasts video – the speed improvement is obvious. Now I have to be honest, I did approach this update with some trepidation. The last Unity update made significant changes to the UI systems. While ultimately... Read The Rest →

Unity SDK: It’s The Daddy

It’s Time to make things Spin. Well, it’s been over a year since I posted a blog entry.  A whole year!  So much for me updating my site more regularly.  They say time passes more quickly when you get older.  In my case, I feel like Han Solo just pulled the lever for hyperspace.  My face is literally rippling, oh the speeeeed… Since closing Pocketeers Ltd in 2013, I’ve had to knuckle down and become self-sufficient at game development. For as long as I can remember, I have always worked... Read The Rest →

Corona SDK | Basic Setup & Other Useful Programs

Okay, so I thought I’d post a quick follow up on setting up Corona SDK.  I figured this might be of use to anyone new to the system. PRELIMINARY READING Usually before I embark on learning anything new, I like to buy a good book on the subject and read it through – even if I’m not applying what I’m reading.  This is something I’ve always done, no matter which subject, as it gives me a bit of a preview of what I’ll be getting into.  Better to find out... Read The Rest →

Happy New Year! | Corona SDK

Well, it’s 2014.  I hope you had a good Christmas.  I’m only a few days into January and I think I’ve already broken every one of my new year’s resolutions.  Next year’s resolution will be: not to make any more stupid resolutions! Defection to Programming. I finally started doing a bit of programming towards the end of 2013.  It’s something I’ve been wanting / needing to do for some time now.  So, I finally bit the bullet and got stuck in. Well, I say programming – I guess it’s more... Read The Rest →

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