Waterside Dockyard

This Dockard was a location in Murder Detective 2: Corruption, published by Tournay Software.  As part of the game, the player has to spot a number of hidden clues.

The scene is created mostly out of modelled 3D geometry, however some items such as the Bat and the Crowbar (if you enjoyed hunting for those in the picture just then, please buy the game :)) were actually flat 2D opacity mapped billboard images added to the scene.  This was a technique I used a lot in the final scenes in order to speed up art development.

I have shown some of the effects layers below the main image.  For me, rendering out the lighting volumes is a must if I am to balance the image correctly.  I find the volume colours in particular can make a huge impact on the mood of the final scene.


The Dockyard CGI

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