The Tattoo Parlour was one of a series of backgrounds created for a mobile adventure game called Murder Detective: Hampton River Murders.  It is a composite scene rendered in Mental Ray.

I don’t have any tattoos myself (as tempting as a spiderweb across the face is) so this scene is an amalgamation of different reference images.  I quite like how the shading came out on the chair base, particularly the highlights on the base.  Some elements – such as the masks – are stock content, as production time was extremely tight.

So what would I change?  Well, it probably looks a bit too clean.  I’d probably layer in some grunge in Photoshop as it can take an age to add that with textures / materials.  I probably wouldn’t go as far as adding blood splats on the wall this time, but a few rips in the seats and torn posters wouldn’t go amiss.

The Tattoo Parlour

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