House Blog #1 | CAT6 Network & Updates

Hi folks, there is no update on my game project in this blog entry. Instead, I’ve been diverted over to working on our new house. We moved in around 12 weeks ago and have been getting used to both it and our new surroundings. It takes a surprising amount of time to settle into a new home. You probably only really get the full measure of a property once you’ve been in a year or so – with the house exhibiting different characteristics through the seasons. We moved in when... Read The Rest →

Blog Reboot | Networking ‘Meat-Side’

Thanks for dropping by my website! If you’ve stumbled across my site before, you may notice a few changes.  I have removed some of the pages that weren’t really that useful (such as the coma-inducing ‘about me’ page).  I’m also re-writing some of the pages that I was going to post to make them useful.  So – note to self:  When making a post, make sure it actually has a point 🙂 I’ve also junked my previous two blog posts for similar reasons.  Here’s a condensed summary of their content:... Read The Rest →

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